Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Sooo, what were we doing?

Several months ago God gave me this idea to have a adoption/orphan care meeting back in November for my church to encourage our body to grow more in the way that we care for orphans.

Of course, my little fundraising, trip planning, vision voicing, high expectations brain immediately said: "Oh, and we'll sell T-shirts! And we'll have it at the church and it will be totally filled up! Maybe it could be a 2-day conference! And we'll have videos! And worship! And it will be the best thing ever!"

"Uh, Audrey? Hello? Aren't you going to listen to what I think you should do? Come down off of your high horse and sit and watch Me work."


The Lord used the advice, talents and input of other people in my lovely covenant community to make this event exactly what God wanted for it to be. Small. Organic. Intentional. Relational. Foundational. Simple.

Thank you Lord for not letting me have my way. Thank you Lord for doing this work apart from me and for letting me be just one little tool. Thank you for Tori and her family for their encouragement and willingness to help with food. Thank you Mom for literally forcing me to do parts of this that I was afraid of and for spending hours cleaning the house and cooking delicious Ethiopian food. Thank you Lizzie for being a rock and a comfort. Thank you Mrs. Dokkestul for being the most encouraging, helpful, passionate about ministry person on the planet. Thank you Mr. Nelson for being willing to speak about our church's adoption fund which you helped create and for writing about it. Thank you Pauli for making delicious baklava, for being so fun, and for being willing to write the section on child sponsorship in the pamphlet so last minute. Thank you Mrs. Hensley for being willing and open to share your adoption story and your precious family with us. Thank you Tammy Bass for coming out of your way to people that you don't know to share about your passion and your work with Bethany Christian Services. Thank you Mrs. Smith for being so sweet and willing to help. Thank you Kathryn for bringing your whole family and being ready to speak LAST MINUTE about pro-life advocacy. Thank you thank you everybody.

It was a blast.

And totally do-able. I Am One folks and Next Generation folks-- you guys could start something like this for your church. Its beautiful. And its totally the Lord's work.

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  1. Audrey that is SO COOL! I LOVE that idea! How awesome that God placed that on your heart.

    Thanks for being an encouragement! :)