Sunday, June 13, 2010

Welcome Eight family!

I'm a fan of blog code names. I like telling you folks whats going on, but I really don't feel comfortable telling the whole world other people's names. Because they might not want me too, and its awkward asking them. So, thats that.
Any how the Eights moved in today!Remeber the pictures of our basement from the flood? You probably won't even be able to recognize it as the same place in these photos. My mom, Joey, LG, and I went down this evening after dinner to have cake with them for Mr. Eight's birthday. Michael and Julia were already abed and Dad was (is) outside mowing the lawn.
The floor is now blue, and we're sleeping 6 kids in that one little area, you can see another bed way back in the toy nook back there.
And there's a kitchen which definitely wasn't there before...
(lighting candles)
"Sparrow" Eight. Because she's pretty, even though this is kind of a weird picture. She's not very photogenic, but she is pretty.
Cutie "Peter"!!! I'm determined to make this baby like me! He is super serious, he rarely smiles and hardly ever laughs. But I will persist in my endeavor, Peter will like me. We shall see.
Lela Grace and "Annie" feeling silly.

Happy 40th birthday Mr. Eight!!

Joseph and the Eight children (all but the baby) trying to light 40 candles. The cake practically caught fire.

Little Gretal... so cute!
this blogpost is very picturey. its because I'm feeling lazy. Sorry.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wonderful Week

Disclaimer*** the pictures weren't taken in Africa.

But it felt a lot like it. I've blogged once before about working with the B*ntu refugees here in my city, and I can't wait to tell you all about the past week that we had with them, but for now, just some pictures.

Group Picture-- this week's theme was 'You are Special'
Me and Arb*y

What an awesome picture. Yay for water day.

Some people do art. H* does ART!!!!!:)
The big slide!!! You never get to old for these things.


Painted H*ss**n. We take our art very seriously around here. :)

More later!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

oh by the way

By the way, you know the flood we had? We're still working on getting everything sorted out down stairs. We decided to go ahead and paint the doors and trimwhite and get new base boards and we're painting we're floor. You know when you start one project about a million pop up, so its been pretty slow going even though mom and dad have been working their tales off.

Most families are a lot worse off than we are. I've been volunteering with my church helping out families that had maybe 10 feet of water in their homes. Many homes have been totalled. One family in our church thought that their house was fine because it had only flooded underneathe the house. They have recently discovered some serious mold issues. So we're finishing up the basement, a friend of ours is putting a little kitchenet in down there and this family is moving in with us probably for the summer, maybe longer.

I've always wanted more brothers and sisters. It looks like for the next couple of months I'm going to be the oldest of eleven children, as they have 6 kids ranging from ages 12 to 1. Honestly, I'm super excited. We're all about to experience a whole new meaning of community.
The crew will be:
O-12 (boy)
Lela Grace-11
SA- 8 (girl)
R-6 (boy)
L-5 (girl)
P-2 (girl)
S- 1 (boy)

Wootie Woo! We're in for some serious crazy. I operate best in crazy.

17th Birthday

Yesterday my family and I celebrated 17 years of life. I still went to my Friday babysitting family, and saw my little down syndrome friend who I've come up with a name for. On this blog I'm going to call him Sho. Its Japenese (which doesn't have anything to do with why I chose it, just a fun fact), it has the same amount of letters as his real name, and it means, "to soar/to fly". I wanted a name that had the opposite connotation of the word 'downs', because thats exactly what this little guy is. He smiles and fusses and eats and poops like any other baby. He has his big brother's wide smile and his daddy's bald head, the big blue eyes of the brother nearest his age, he's turning one next month. Sho isn't defined entirely by down syndrome.

I took this picture yesterday. Isn't it a hoot?! I laugh out loud every time I see it. Especially the half closed eye. And his mouth is kind of huge. Anyway, Sho gave me one of my very favorite presents yesterday. I went over in the morning and Sho's mom started showing me how his physical therapist said to hold him to help him sit up. Anyway, so I was practicing and Sho was watching his big brother play with a toy and he seemed pretty steady so I took my hands away. After a few seconds without support and he was still straight and sitting, I called his mom in to look. The whole family kind of trickled in as little Sho sat for the first time for about 1 minute! He did it again several times throughout the morning, getting up to almost 2 minutes once. Big boy! I was so proud of him! It was so much fun to be there for that.

Good job, little Sho!!! We're all so proud of you. Keep working hard, and thank you for making my birthday babysitting job especially exciting!

ps. I did do other things on my birthday including planting a tree, witnessing another little (baby) friend have her first taste of chocolate, eating Ethiopian food with family and 2 close friends and wrapping up the evenings with frozen yogurt and presents. Just if you're interested. :) I got a laptop on which I have composed this blogspost!