Sunday, July 24, 2011


I haven't posted about EB because it is just petrifingly scary and indescribably painful. But it's on my heart, so here I am.

This disease effects the skin, and in most cases makes every single function of normal life agonizing, until the patient either looses the will to live, or his or her body simply can not go on trying to constantly repair the broken skin.

This is on mind for a couple of reasons, I have a minor (comparitively VERY minor) skin defect called eczema, which has caused enough trouble in my life to tune my heart to far, far greater suffereing. Secondly, some of our beloved Reece's Rainbow orphans have it (these precious ones are about to be orphaned no more, praise Jesus!) And the third reason is because of this sweet family. I'm begging you to join me on your knees on behalf of their beautiful son, Tripp, as well as the other families who have been effected by EB.

Thank you.


  1. Audrey, I read about this family yesterday and had tears steaming down my face. So thankful for families such as this who have taken these children into their families and loved them.

  2. EB has been on MY mind lately! I can't even imagine living with it. The babies and people born with EB are my heroes!